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A Framework Enduring Authentication and Collision Avoidance in AODV Routing Protocol


Kollu Spurthi and T.N.SHANKAR


Vol. 20  No. 11  pp. 116-123


MANETs proved to be the top choice of Researchers, as networks owe to be the spine of communications. The efficiency of Ad hoc environments relies on the design of well-versed routing protocols for the transfer of data between nodes. Several such protocols occupied the workspace, focusing on advancements in a performance environment with broad categorization into Proactive, Reactive, and Hybrid. Speculating on their nature of routing information several variations like DSDV, OLSR, DSR, AODV, and ZRP captivate the practitioner’s domain. Source initiated on-demand protocols rank higher in outcome in contrast to Table driven, motivating our work to emphasize on AODV protocol belonging to the former category. AODV protocol with all strong features combats against degrading parameters like collisions, energy consumption, and security hurdles. These performance evaluating factors of Research gaps are better handled in our proposed approach by embedding Geographic Adaptive Fidelity algorithm with AODV resulting in lowered energy loss at nodes and with hands-on privacy retention using homomorphic encryption. This advanced combined technique E-AODV, simulated on NS3.2 yields outstanding results in terms of throughput, Delay, Load balancing, and delivery ratio.


AODV, GAF, Homomorphic Encryption, Attacks, Routing protocols;