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A Framework for Modelling and Simulation of Data Processing with Fog Computing in Internet of Things Infrastructure


Ahmed Ali, Sultan Ahmad, and Ahmed Ghneimat


Vol. 20  No. 11  pp. 96-103


FOG Computing is an alternative to meet the latency and processing requirements that the Internet of Things (IoT) is facing. However, even having the necessary processing capacity, the proper provisioning and management of the data plays a fundamental role to ensure the maximum use of FOG computing at the same time to minimize the traffic on network and the routes. A mathematical model is proposed for the load balancing of IoT devices to FOG using GAMS and a simulator made in Python to measure and check the behavior of the optimized architecture over time. A significantly lower loss of information was achieved when using this proposed model to address the issues with GAMS in comparison with normal and random distribution model.


Fog Computing, Edge Computing, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing.