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Implementation of Smart School System by Combining Multiple Systems to Improve the Administrative Services using Packet Tracer 7.2


Samia M. Masaad, Rania A. Tabeidi, T Balharith, Buthayna G. Elshaikh, Nahla O. Mustafa


Vol. 20  No. 11  pp. 52-58


The smart system is an emerging technology in this century. This paper proposed smart systems for the education field. The proposed system based on a combination of Security system, Lightning system, Ventilation system, Irrigation systems, Remote-control system, and Fire detector system, to achieved smart school, to facilitate monitored and controlled smart devices through the smartphone, Server and microcontroller. Using IOT devices in the Education environment offer time, increase security, and production. The proposed Smart school system achieved the ability to monitor the school remotely and less effort and protected school from unauthorized people and risk of high temperature that lead to fires School employees were exposed to great danger.


IOT, Smart, Gateway, Microcontroller, Server.