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ROBO DOC-Machine Learning Based Disease Diagnostic Aid


Fayez Al Fayez


Vol. 20  No. 11  pp. 22-29


Currently genetic disorders are identified using invasive procedures which involves collecting tissue samples and analysing it but if there are complications involved in it, it would be extremely painful. Many researchers have come up with different possible solutions whilst having a few drawbacks [4,8]. Hence, a better solution has been proposed to avoid these drawbacks present in the traditional methods with better accuracy. A huge data set having multiple protein interaction and diseases caused by them would be taken as input and it will be modelled as a classification using KNN algorithm having class label as disease name, that are interacting proteins are going to be classified. Based on the symptoms, the proposed system can classify the disease and then identify the protein -protein interaction that is responsible for the disease. Precisely, the possible treatments are identified and the best one would be suggested by the model based on its knowledge acquisition and rendition.


K- Nearest Neighbor(KNN), Na?ve Bayes(NB), Protein- Protein Interactions(PPI), Reverse Engineering, genetic diseases.