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A Survey and Comparative Study of Embedded FPGA Architectures


Hajer SAIDI, Mariem TURKI, Abdulfattah OBEID, Zied MARRAKCHI and Mohamed ABID


Vol. 20  No. 8  pp. 219-227


======== DOI: 10.22935/IJCSNS.2020.20.08.25 ======= In recent years, the modern embedded systems are in intense complexity growth, that is why the different constraints (power consumption, performance, area, and cost) become increasingly inevitable. In this context, re-configurable System on Chip (SoC) has been proposed to attain these goals and the higher flexibility. Many solutions are proposed to obtain the reconfigurability with the best compromise between different challenges. Thus, the embedded FPGA is one of the key solutions to ensure the reconfigurability into systems. In this survey, we describe a comprehensive overview of existing embedded FPGA, specific techniques and tools used for the development and the configuration of the core. Moreover, we present comparatives tables used as a guideline to select which architecture is adequate for the target application in terms of characteristics such as occupancy, area utilization and regularity.


embedded FPGA, Architecture, Hardware, Re-configurable, IP