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The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Medical Teaching and Learning Environment


Dr. Intisar A.M. Al Sayed† and Dr. Nedhal A. Al-Saiyd††


Vol. 20  No. 8  pp. 145-151


======= DOI: 10.22937/IJCSNS.2020.20.08.15 ======= The advances in Information and communication technology (ICT) emerged to assist health professionals in their medical services including diagnosis, treatment and re-habitation for individuals or population who need such services. The benefits of using ICT in improving healthcare have been discussed by several researchers. However, there exist few studies on the curriculum importance for medical institutes and faculties. This paper reviews the influence of implementing ICT in medical traditional learning (teacher-centered and hospital-based training) and in student-centered learning. It shows the major barriers and the transformation in medical education and practice that motivate learners in different ways. The paper also determines the needs and explains the main activities and propose general architecture to develop intelligent and adaptive medical student-centered distance learning system, which is adapted to learner’s specific preferences and capabilities. The international Competency-Based Medical as a promising strategy, adopts the shared mental model of CBME continuing medical education to expand opportunities of medical education. Socio-technical challenges and barriers for medical education are also identified. It is recommended to adopt intelligent learner-based distance Learning and integrate it with the traditional education. Then the evaluation and socio-technical challenges of medical student-centered distance learning systems are presented. In developing countries, it is recommended to promote the digital skills of both students and instructors in medical education and health institutions.


Information and Communication Technology, Medical education, medical e-learning Health Information Technology, Education Management.