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COVID-19 Symptoms Monitoring Mechanism using Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks


Mohammed Al-Shalabi


Vol. 20  No. 8  pp. 16-20


======= DOI: 10.22937/IJCSNS.2020.20.08.3 ======= Internet of Things (IoT) technology is rapidly developing and it makes the connectivity of various smart objects possible for many applications, such as industry, military, education and health. Recently, Coronavirus spreads rapidly over the world, and there are no specific treatments for it at this time. Therefore, preventing infection and monitoring its symptoms such as fever and shortness of breath, is very important. Since Coronavirus is a very fast spreading disease, and the social distancing is very important to prevent the infection, the need to a mechanism which is smart enough for monitoring the symptoms of the isolated people without direct communication with them is necessary. This paper presents a design and simulation of COVID-19 Symptoms Monitoring Mechanism (CSMM) based on IoT and wireless sensor network to monitor people during their quarantine especially the eldest who suffer from chronic diseases and immune deficiency, hence they are more likely to develop serious illness. The mechanism depends on remote monitoring of the patient health data. The monitoring process can be done by the doctor or medical provider. This system can be easily used to detect an urgent or abnormal case, for instance, when there is a highly fever or difficulty breathing. As a result, the system can issue an alarm to the doctor or medical provider by sending urgent SMS including the time and patient condition in order to intervene and save the patient life without any delay.


Internet of Things, Sensors, Monitoring System, Covid-19, Arduino Uno, Healthcare System.