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A Comparative Study of IEEE 802.11 family Protocols


Emad Felemban


Vol. 20  No. 7  pp. 98-108


Wireless local area network (WLAN) is continuously developing since the emergence of base IEEE 802.11 protocol. Over the past twenty years, it has gone through continuous modification with the increasing demand for services it provided. This paper provides an extensive survey of protocols developed in 1999-2020. These protocols are compared based on their range, channel bandwidth, RF band, data rate, modulation type and other MAC and Physical layer parameters. It also summarizes the key technologies and amendments of all protocols in said timeline. It will help researchers to find research focus for all versions and assist to discover research gaps for next generation of IEEE 802.11 family.


Wireless local area network (WLAN), IEEE 802.11 protocol, MAC and Physical layer