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Minimize Flow Interruptions during Reconfiguration of a set of Light-trees in All-optical WDM Network


Amanvon Ferdinand Atta, Jo?l Christian Ad?po, Bernard Cousin, Souleymane Oumtanaga


Vol. 20  No. 7  pp. 77-85


Reconfiguration of all-optical WDM networks is an important task performed by the network operators to re-optimize the allocation of network resources. Multicast applications such as video conference and telemedicine are increasingly in demand on the network. Thus, our study focuses on the reconfiguration of multicast connection paths. A multicast connection path is supposed to be a light-tree. The reconfiguration problem studied here is to find a sequence of configurations with minimum cost that allows to migrate an optical flow from a current configuration of a set of light-trees to a final configuration of a set of light-trees. To solve the problem, we propose a method that is based on a minimum cost feedback vertex set approach. The numerical results show that our method reduces flow interruptions more than a traditional minimum feedback vertex set approach.


WDM network, Flow interruption, Light-tree reconfiguration, Multicast connection.