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Security for Cloud Computing


Shahrin A. Nazeer


Vol. 20  No. 7  pp. 51-60


Although cloud computing is the new emerging technology that presents a good number of benefits to the users, it faces a lot of security issues and challenges. Protection of data is the most important challenge since in cloud computing multiple organizations share the same resources. Data is at high risk since it is open to data loss or data leakage that can severely impact on an organization. Furthermore, it is a big target for malicious individuals and may have disadvantages because it can be accessed through an unsecured internet connection. Hence, strong security measures are to be implemented for data operations and transmissions. A proposed cryptosystem for cloud computing with strong security measures on confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication is presented. For confidentiality, advanced encryption technology is used to provide secure data access for storing and retrieving data from the cloud. For data integrity, a hash function is used to calculate the hash of the file before uploading to cloud servers to ensure that the data is not altered. For authentication, proper key management technique is used to distribute the key to the cloud users such that only authorized persons can access the data. With the security measures in place, the proposed cryptosystem for cloud computing would provide a secure cloud computing environment for data operations and transmissions.


Cloud security, Cryptosystem, Cryptographic algorithms, Confidentiality, Data Integrity, Authentication