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Hybrid Database Architecture of Molecular Databases Management Systems


M.A. Makhdoom Rana, Irfan Abbas, Urooj Asgher , Munib Ahmad, Ali Raza, Afzal Ahmed, M. Ans Shoukat, Ahmad Raza


Vol. 20  No. 7  pp. 45-50


As we know storing data is now the biggest problem in world to store Big data we need high storage capacity devices Effective DBMS and advanced computing systems. on this article we create an image of Database Called “Hydride Database” design of two database works with two separate computing technologies coordinates each other’s as bridged. Upcoming computing and storing mechanism are in molecular and bionic using nanotechnology. Big data is a major problem throughout the world. Article is about computing technology capability and data depositing on storage media with old format structure and a brand-new scheme with modern states of the molecular and bionic structure in form of readable, writeable, cloned, small space and secured than other obsolescence technologies.


Database Management System(DBMS)Molecular Data Base Management System (MDBMS), Organic Data Base Management System (ODBMS), Artificial intelligence (AI), Organic Computing (OC), Molecular Computing (MC), Artifical Intelligence Monitoring Program (AIMP).