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Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Network


Malik Najmus Saqib


Vol. 20  No. 7  pp. 39-44


Wireless sensor network has been used in many state-of-the-art applications from home automation to warfare. It has become an unavoidable technology that cannot be ignored for the development of modern sophisticated applications. In current era of rapid technological development where new threats are emerging every day, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) cannot be deployed without the proper security implementations. But the sensor nodes are equipped with the resource constraint components in term of battery life, memory and communication range. In this paper we have highlighted security issue in Wireless Sensor Network and proposed a security mechanism for secure communication among nodes of Wireless Sensor Network. Various cryptographic algorithms are used to implement the proposed mechanism and compared with respect to time. It is concluded that elliptic cure is most suitable for WSN in term of efficiency and security.


Wireless sensor network, security, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, cryptographic algorithm. Time complexity