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Text File Encryption Empowered with Context Sensitive Grammar Approach


Irfan Abbas, Shahan Yamin Siddiqui, Munib Ahmad, Hamza Iqbal, Waqar Ahmad, Muhammad Usama Mubashir, Abdul Hannan Khan, Bilal Shoaib, Muhammad Adnan Khan


Vol. 20  No. 7  pp. 1-10


Data security is very important for every organization and individual. There is a lot of ways to protect data from hackers. Day by day, new techniques, algorithms, methods, and ideas introduced. There is no way to protect data in the field of theory of computations. The absorbing properties of Context-Free Grammar (CFG) and Context-Sensitive Grammar (CSG) use to identify the grammar of a given set of string, so it is easy to generate all strings using this grammar. Our method is to develop a Context-Sensitive Grammar-based encryption/ decryption method that is used to encrypt/ decrypt text files using a secret key in the theory of computation. CSG based encryption-decryption is a very powerful and efficient technique for data privacy, encoding, and security. A proposed method consisting of a few stages to encrypt as well as decrypt data using a secret key generated by our algorithm. Before this theory of computation, there was no other way to encode text files or data using grammar.


Context-Sensitive Grammar (CSG), Theory of Computation (ToC), Context-Free Grammar (CFG), Formal Languages Encryption (FLE), Secret key (SK), AES, Grammar, Encryption, cryptosystem, Data Security, Decryption.