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Web Accessibility of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Governmental Websites


Kaan Uyar, Gezahegn Mulusew Delele and Erkut Inan Iseri


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 144-151


National and local governments use the tools and systems made possible by information and communication technologies to address necessary information and to provide public services that enable to the citizen, business and government entities save time and resources. These information and public services should be accessible by everyone including people with disabilities. The prevalence of people with disabilities was estimated around 17.6 percent in 2011 in Ethiopia. In this work, the accessibility of Ethiopia governmental websites evaluated using four automated web accessibility evaluation tools. The results showed that most of the Ethiopia government web sites do not meet the requirements of the guidelines that can be tested by these tools. The most common problems are lack of alternative texts, lack of distinguish ability, lack of adaptability and parsing. The web accessibility evaluation tools also tested within themselves and within each other. Tools found problems in each other’s and/or their own home pages.


People with disabilities, web accessibility, governmental websites, Ethiopia.