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Design of an Intelligent Stove Knob Controller using a Mobile Application for Pakistan


Shabbar Naqvi , Shakil Ahmed , Najmul Islam Farooqui, Syed Muhammad Areeb , Sohrab Khan


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 165-170


Kitchen is one of the essential part of day to day human life used for cooking purpose and despite being a simple task has its risks involved especially in South Asian countries like Pakistan. Negligence or lack of attention while cooking leads to disasters such as house fire. Fire detection is an area of interest around the world and kitchen fire is considered a common cause. In this work, a simple design of an intelligent Stove knob controller has been proposed which based on predefined gas threshold values, adjusts the knob of stove preventing hazards with warning buzzer for uncontrolled fire prevention. A mobile application has also been designed to allow controlling the knob remotely. The ultimate aim of the design is to reduce stove hazards caused by stove knobs in context of Pakistan which may result into fire and cause catastrophic damage including loss of human life.


Stove knob, kitchen fire, Pakistan, NodeMCU