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Socialize the Behavior of IOT on Human To Devices Interaction and Internet Marketing


Jahangir Jabbar, Hussain Mehmood, Umaima Hafeez, Hassaan Malik, Humayun Salahuddin , Taimoor Hassan Jabbar


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 158-164


This paper explored the developments in SIOT and IOT to meet growing industrial demands. Advancements in the processing power of devices, cost and availability of fast and affordable internet have led to magnification in Internet of Things- Here objects are given capabilities to transfer data/information. The performance of objects can be improved with enhanced capacity to socialize (Internet of Things) via objects to establish social relationships between other objects to visualize human behaviors. Social Internet of Things (SIOT) has emerged to give objects within an IOT eco-system, capable to communicate with each other in the same way human being interacts in daily life. More significant additions are witnessed to address multiple issues in this area came due to major developments in SIOT and IOT based architecture aided by latest communication technologies. Moreover, both are reliable, efficient and secure to meet variable nature of real time applications.


Social Internet of Things (SIOT), Internet of Things (IOT), IOT ecosystem.