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Security Improvement Techniques for mobile applications of Industrial Internet of Things


A.A. Serkov, B.A. Lazurenko, K.A. Trubchaninova, A.E. Horiushkina


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 145-149


The main aim of this article is to develope recommendations for increasing the throughput, noise immunity and security of discrete messages in communication channels with additive Gaussian noise. Improving the security of mobile applications in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems is possible with the use of Ultra Wideband Signals (UWS) technology. This technology facilitates the encoding of a bit of information with a series of ultrashort pulses, using position-pulse modulation and flickering polarization of the emitted signal. The use of ultrashort pulses - chips make it possible to provide wireless noise-resistant transmission of discrete information based on ultra-wideband signals with high information capacity. At the same time, the quality of information in wireless mobile communication channels is improved. Increaing penetrating power of the emitting radio signal, increasing volumes and information transfer rates with high noise immunity and almost unlimited number of communication channels are combined with effective protection of information from interception.


IIoT Mobile connection Noise immunity Security Ultra-wideband signals Flickering polarization