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Passively Inferring Wireless Network Signal Quality from Different Data Resources


Emad Felemban,


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 132-138


Wireless signal quality is an important indicator to attract more customers and provide better service for cellular network operators. Cellular network operators and communication regulatory authorities usually do field experimentations to test the performance and service quality of their cellular network. These tests include drives test, signal level quality, tower power level measurements, etc. Customer satisfaction is an important driver for cellular network operators, and that includes their satisfaction on mobile data connections and IoT devices infrastructure in addition to phone call quality. Customer satisfaction assessment, most importantly, from the consumer’s perception, is necessary to evaluate the network performance and maintain service quality standards. In this paper, we show that we can infer some service quality indicators for wireless cellular networks passively from previously collected data. We show that Received Signal Strength and Network Delay received during the mobility management field and data collection experiments can also be used to test and evaluate the performance of the wireless cellular networks.


Signal Quality, Wireless Cellular Networks, Mobile App, Signal Strength, IoT Infrastructure.