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Compilation Time-Based Analysis using Optimized Iterative Techniques


Ume Farwa, Khurshid Asghar, Mubbashar Saddique


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 120-123


Compilation time has always been an important factor for performance analysis of any system. This paper discusses the various optimized iterative techniques to analyze the performance of programs like loop unrolling, loop level parallelism or loop-carried dependence, and loop ordering. In first technique, loop is unrolled up to scale 5 and then compared with rolled one to find out performance differences. In the second technique, it finds that the loop carried dependence and inter-change the statements order and exposes the par-allelism. In the third one, the loop order is changed to reduce the jump calls during code execution. The execution time of all three methods are compared, that is the proof of high performance after implementing the optimized iterative techniques. The execution time may differ on different machines. The results are calculated on a core i5 machine with 2.7Ghz processor under Linux kernel.


Compilation time performance analysis iterative techniques program optimization.