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Formally Verified Secure and Scalable Mobile Governance Framework


Saeed MushailKafeer Al Qarni, Mohammed Al Shehri & Shaik Shakeel Ahamad


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 83-87


The number of smartphone users and their usage is in high rise [1]. So the future of electronic governance lies with smartphones for providing services to the citizens. Current literature in the realm of mobile governance is not robust, scalable and secure. Intruders target three areas for vital information they are Mobile Government Application (MGA), during the transit of messages, and Government Server. This paper overcomes these flaws and proposes a novel framework for secure mobile government. Our proposed protocol ensures all the security properties. The proposed protocol ensures security and freshness of the keys, the security of data at rest, and during transit are ensured and finally overcomes reverse-engineering attacks, Proposed protocol withstands all the known attacks as it is formally verified using BAN Logic.


Mobile Government Application (MGA), Scalable, Robust, freshness of the keys, reverse engineering attacks, BAN Logic