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Visual Features Comparison of Smartphone and Tablet in Visual Mobile Data Mining Framework


Dr. Muzammil Khan


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 44-53


The emergence of mobile and telecommunication technologies and the demand of data analytics lead the importance of mobile data mining in the last decade while the limitations of mobile devices great challenge in the reciprocated integration of these disciplines. Mobile devices are improving from the digital calendar to high capabilities computing devices that encourage the researchers to work in the mobile data mining environment continuously. In this paper, we discussed a Visual Mobile Data Mining (VMDM) framework, which incorporates both these emerging technologies to facilitate nomadic user for information. The study defined ten features that ensure information visualization features, i.e., functionality, effectiveness, efficiency, usability, and usefulness for interactive visualization techniques on mobile devices. The results are analyzed for the defined features and proposed interactive techniques used for descriptive data mining data, and compared which showed promising results for both smartphone and tablet, three of the features are weak for the smartphone as compared to the tablet. The VMDM framework is potentially incorporate different dimension in interdisciplinary research work especially, to other visualization techniques and web services to facilitate a wide range of mobile device users.


Visual Mobile Data Mining framework, Data mining result’s interactivity, Drill down interactive visualization technique, Legend navigation interaction, Mobile device visualization interactivity