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Cybersecurity Regulation and Governance


Amerah M. Alelayani, Fatimah M. Al Zahrani, Asmaa M. Munshi, Roaa M. Monshi and Shahad A. Al-sofyani


Vol. 20  No. 5  pp. 1-5


This study discusses cybersecurity regulation and governance, as cybersecurity has become very important for government organizations, agencies, and companies, as well as for end users. Cybersecurity governance is needed by establishing a set of responsibilities and practices that are applied to provide strategic direction for cybersecurity, ensuring that cybersecurity objectives are achieved, and ascertaining that cyber risks are managed appropriately. In addition, we discuss the cybersecurity regulation and governance framework. Every country is responsible for establishing regulations which are a set of policies and standards that will protect the rights of citizens and their information in all electronic transactions and operations. We also discuss international cybersecurity laws and regulations in the European Union, Canada, and China. This is followed by a discussion of cybersecurity regulation and governance in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, we discuss challenges for cybersecurity regulation and governance in managing data, responding to change, and defining risk posture. Finally, we highlight the importance of cybersecurity awareness and outline best practices for enhancing awareness and implementing the regulation process.


Cybersecurity, CIA triad, Governance, Regulations, Policies, Standards, Laws