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A Review on Security and Privacy Issues and Challenges in Internet of Things


Dhuha Khalid Alferidah and NZ Jhanjhi


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 263-286


Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected wireless network where smart nodes (IoT devices) interact with each other in order to exchange data through the communicating medium. IoT technology has become important for people to build smart systems upon the use of technology. IoT opened doors for better communication for people. But the attackers opened doors of attacks to IoT systems to make use of user’s sensitive information. This survey paper introduces IoT security and privacy issues that negatively impact the IoT systems. The paper supports its content with a literature review to show others’ work in this field. The paper discusses security attacks in details based on two perspectives which are layer-wise attacks and attack taxonomy. Also, it gives a critical analysis of the attacks based on IoT layers and attack taxonomy. Also, it states solutions and strategies that can be used to protect IoT systems against attackers. This paper gathers the needed information to give a complete image of IoT security issues and faced problems. Also, it can contribute to helping to understand what needed to be done to protect IoT systems and what needed to prevent attacks upon the IoT systems.


Internet of Things, IoT, IoT Systems, RFID, WSN, IoT Security Issues, IoT Security Attacks.