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Effectiveness of Science Labs at Secondary School Level in Pakistan: an Evaluative Study


Muhammad Dilshad Tarique Bhutti Sumera Irum Muhammad Shafi Meso Nek Muhammad Shaikh


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 168-174


The study was adopted descriptive research strategy in which the existing condition of the science labs in the secondary schools of District Hyderabad, Sindh Province, Pakistan was assessed. The study focused on the main objectives to find out the availability of physical facilities in the labs of secondary schools, to assess the current competencies of science subject teachers in practical/lab work and to find out the problems faced by science subject teachers in carrying out practical work in laboratories. The population of the research study was comprised of science teachers, and science lab staff of government secondary schools of District Hyderabad. For sample four schools (two male and two female) were randomly selected and from each school four science teachers were also randomly selected Data was collected through questionnaire, and quantitative approach was used for data analysis. Main findings of the study were there existed no good science labs in the government secondary schools, science practical experiments were seldom conducted, proper funds were not provided for the purchase of apparatus, teachers were not trained to conduct experiments, shortage of technical staff was also observed, practical work in the science labs was given less importance and whole reliance was on theoretical work. The research study recommended that science teachers should be trained to conduct science practical’s, proper funds should be provided to the schools for purchase of science apparatus, shortage of technical staff should be overcome, science fairs should be organized regularly in the schools and computers, internet and multimedia projects should be provided to the science labs in the government schools.


Education, Science Education, Science Lab , Science Lab staff, Science Student, Science Teacher, Secondary level.