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Agility Analysis of Academic Site: Identify Issues of Site by Users


Fozia Noureen, Sanaullah Dehraj, Manzar Bashir Arain, Irum Naz Sodhar, Ghulam Hussain Jalbani, Khuda Bux Jalbani, and Akhtar Hussain Jalbani


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 125-131


This research work Agility Analysis is based on the usability methods lab usability testing and online usability testing. This testing performed on the academic website of the university and the university websites are a good source of information for all the users. In lab testing, forty participants have participated and for the online usability testing, Pingdom online tool was used. In this online testing results of the Performance grade, Page size, Load time and requests were achieved. Pingdom online tool assigns the grade of the site is B and calculate the percentage 87. The page size of site 1.5 MB is given by the tool. Load time of site was estimated by the tool is 4.09 s and number of request of the site were 37. Manually testing was performed by two groups of students of Information Technology and Economics and participated in the manually testing for the performance of the site for different parameters. Online testing was suggested that the website needs to improve performance by using Gzip to reduce the size of the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response. This technique reduces about 70% of the size for better performance.


Usability Testing, Online Pingdom Tool, Academic Website, Parameters, Performance of Site.