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Multi Interactive Chatbot Communication Framework for Health Care


Zoojan Memon, Fahima Tahir, Sanaullah Dehraj, Fozia Noureen, Akhtar Hussain Jalbani, Khuda Bux Jalbani, and Ghulam Hussain Jalbani


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 121-124


Health professionals are overload and having limited resources to care and support patients in their daily lives. While many advantages of the chatbots use in health care have been observed such as identifying symptoms, managing medications and monitoring chronic health problems, etc, Besides their benefits the design and the development of such kind of systems, have challenges as well, such as designing of multi interactive chatbots with the available frameworks is almost complex so, In this study, we have proposed an efficient and easy to implement framework with a novel approach which will support the development of Multi interactive chatbots system for Health care. The system will provide fruitful results regarding the coronavirus by identify the symptoms, diagnose the disease, along with some basic knowledge about the virus and will provide the proper medication with some safety measures before the physician consultation. The proposed system will be composed of User Interface, Chatbot Experts which will discuss with each other and will respond, and Socket System for creating the communication link. The Multi chatbot communication system will support text-based dialogues on a Limited set of question-related to the coronavirus. However, the system will be implemented in java and finally, to check the effectiveness of the system we will evaluate it using a confusion matrix.


ChatBot, Machine learning, NLP, HealthCare, Coronavirus