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NAOCared: Intelligent and Communally Humanoid assistive robot for elderly care support


Ahmad Hoirul Basori


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 113-120


The study of humanoid robot or bipedal robot has risen significantly over the past years. The robot has become more matured in term of appearance and behaviour. Various sophisticated sensors such as sonar, vision, tactile and gyroscope are helping robot to walk and behave like a human. Conversely, a growing number of elderly steer new problem in healthcare, primarily how society can provide their daily living needs. This research introduces an innovative solution by providing a humanoid assistive robot that can respond toward the voice and gesture command. Elderly might use the robot as assistant or support for medication, feeding or even cleansing activity in their daily life. The implementation was carried out by demonstrating robot named as NAOcared walked toward the subject to grasp an object. While other case has shown the robot respond toward the command to find and hold an object. The simulation was carried out through several tests and find out some angle divergence during the walking test. However, based on the logistic regression approach, the NaoCared likely will be succeeded in completing the task with a percentage of nearby 87%. A lot of improvement can be carried out for future research especially on complex task and route to asses total functionality of the robot.


Humanoid robot, elderly Care, Walking trajectory