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Insights into IT Governance Teaching in Tertiary Education


Hasna Bakhuraybah, Walaa Mal, Heba Fasihuddin


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 100-105


Information Technology Governance (IT Governance) becomes a fundamental for any organization, as it supports decision making as well as the strategic alignments between IT resources and business goals. IT governance is an emerging field and yet to be applied by various sectors in Saudi Arabia. IT practitioners in different sectors are witnessing the need to adopt IT Governance however, it is believed that many lack the efficient knowledge and require some training and self-learning to address their daily tasks in this field. This study focuses on IT governance teaching in Saudi Arabian tertiary education and measures IT governance awareness among IT graduates and IT employees. Research methods involve conducting an online survey that was targeting IT graduates and IT employees with the goal to measure their level of knowledge about IT governance. In addition, in order to find the level of teaching IT governance in Saudi higher education, a review of all Saudi universities websites were conducted checking their offered programs and courses. 231 responses were collected and 45 universities websites have been checked. This study found that there is a shortage in teaching IT governance in Saudi universities, which leads to insufficient knowledge of IT governance among IT graduates. Therefore, the authors recommend considering the concept of IT governance in undergraduate and graduate teaching in such a way that ensures a proper preparation for work field. Based on the authors knowledge there is no previous study that focuses on measuring the level of IT governance awareness among IT graduates and the needs of considering this in tertiary education in Saudi Arabia.


Information Technology Governance IT Governance Teaching IT Governance in Saudi Arabia IT Governance Awareness in Saudi Arabia.