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Smart Secure and Energy Efficient Scheme for E-Health Applications using IoT: A Review


Mamoona Humayun NZ Jhanjhi Malak Z Alamri


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 55-74


IoT devices have gained rapid growth by providing the interconnection of heterogeneous objects such as Sensors, smart devices, wearable, etc. IoT revolutions touch all areas of our daily life, mainly the health domain with better health surveillance and monitoring. However, they are extremely vulnerable and exploitable at the same time, which increases the consciousness of a patient’s life. It is evident that the IoT devices are resource constraints, which results in increased challenges to address security in conventional ways. A good number of schemes have been proposed by several researchers to address these issues. However, most of them are providing a partial solution, with less or almost no mobility of the patient, where the distance from the base station may vary, as well as the possibility of the handover of base stations. This brings ease and opens the endless doors for a network to be compromised easily. This research focused to shorten the distance by adopting a multi-group node concept for communicating with the base station, which leads to the energy-efficient scheme with enhanced security, with patient’s mobility support. Our proposed model will address the raised issues by curbing the communication distance during data transfer from patient to the base station, as well the iterations of key exchange communication where the base station does not require to communicate with each individual node, but with the group nodes. These research findings will help IoT practitioners and researchers by providing them with a secure and efficient scheme of data transmission. The proposed model will be validated using a survey and expert opinion, while future validation of the model will be done using simulation.


Security Efficiency Healthcare IoT Sensors Energy-efficiency Base Station