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A Novel Approach to the Iterative Method WCIP for Fast and Accurate Analysis of the Quasi- Periodic Lumped Circuits


Mohamed Karim AZIZI Abdullah Alhumaidi Alotaibi


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 34-42


In this paper, the theory of a new approach to the wave concept iterative process (WCIP) iterative method implemented to analyze periodic lumped circuits is detailed. This method has several advantages compared with the commercial simulators of lumped circuits, namely easy tracing and simulation of broad periodic circuits within a short time, easy modeling and simulation of distributed circuits by extended equivalent models which are valid on the broadband of frequency, visualization of the distributions of the current and electric field, etc. These advantages are proven by the theoretical study and the simulation results. The validation of the proposed approach is made by a study of a directional coupler and a comparison between the results of simulations and those of the ADS simulator. A good agreement between both results is noticed.


WCIP method, quasi-periodic lumped circuits, auxiliary sources, simplified /extended equivalent model, S parameters, electric field distribution, directional coupler.