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Designing a Question Bank Management System to Support Outcome-Based Education Approach


Azida Zainol


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 21-33


University that implements Outcome-based Education (OBE) focuses on outcomes such as the achievements of students that are measurable, proven and can be improved. Thus, the curriculums are driven by the learning outcomes (LO) and the students’ assessments are very essential to achieve the learning and Students Outcome. One of the student assessment methods is examination that required to be developed by the instructors in every semester. Developing quality test items for each specific LO are not an easy task that requires lots of time, energy and resources. Many instructors face difficulties to prepare quality quizzes, exams and tests which lead to the administration of examinations for each semester has become increasingly laborious, time consuming and costly. Hence, a question bank is developed purposely to support the OBE process specifically for examination assessment by storing, managing and maintaining the question items. The designing of this question bank is applying the concept of map that allows the items to be stored and manage hierarchically from general to specific items. The items are constructed based on Bloom Taxonomy that classifies the LOs into levels of complexity and specificity. The methodology is adopting the object oriented software development using Unified Modeling Language that consists of analysis, design, implementation and testing. The result of this study is a question bank that the user requirements have been tested by the end user in acceptance testing. Although this question bank is developed purposely for CCSE, the usage of it shall be extended to any institutions that adopt OBE to support the examination assessment method. This study has significantly contributes to the higher level education process, specifically for OBE process as well as to the software engineering body of knowledge.


Outcome-based Education, Question bank management system, Bloom Taxonomy, Concept of map, Object oriented software development