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The Challenges and Benefits of Blockchain in E-government


Mashael Khayyat ,Fatima Alhemdi and Renad Alnunu


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 15-20


Technology has been in existent for some time, and the government, through the e-government platforms, has found it useful in-service delivery. This paper aims to investigate the challenges and benefits of utilizing a relatively new concept to e-government which is Blockchain in KSA's e-government. This paper starts by defining the e-government concept, then introducing the concept of Blockchain and how the government uses it in its daily activities. The introduction part tries to create a connection between the internet and government service. Then, the paper focuses on reviewing previous studies about Blockchain technology. Most of the study relied on scientific journal articles or other recognized scholarly materials which demonstrated that the issue under research is not entirely new but has attracted the attention of others. The methodology of this study relies on reviewing the literature (secondary data) and conducting interviews with experts (primary data) since both techniques were the most feasible options based on the available resources. Our qualitative data have been analyzed using the thematic analysis technique. As a result of the paper, we come up with two themes which are the challenges and benefits of implementing Blockchain technology on e-government.


Blockchain, e-Government, Internet, technology.