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Towards Offshore Software Maintenance Outsourcing Process Model


Atif Ikram, Masita Abdul Jalil, Amir Bin Ngah, Ahmad Salman Khan


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 6-14


Software maintenance outsourcing (SMO) is performed from developed countries to developing countries to gain different advantages like reducing the cost and securing time to pay attention to research and development of new products. This process of outsourcing between two (or more) different countries is called offshore software maintenance outsourcing. Both client and vendor face different kinds of problems during the execution of offshore software maintenance outsourcing (OSMO). In literature, a considerable contribution exists for software development outsourcing but OSMO is still an under-researched activity. This study aims to propose an OSMO process model. The proposed OSMO process model will address the problems of both client and vendor in the OSMO context. It is expected that the proposed an OSMO process model will help both the client and vendor organizations to make the OSMO services a success story


Offshore, Software Maintenance, Outsourcing, Process Model, Machine Learning.