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The Human Factors and Cybersecurity Policy


Alya A. Qashqari, Asmaa M. Munshi, Haifaa A. Alturkstani, Hadeel T. Ghwati, Dalia H. Alhebshi


Vol. 20  No. 4  pp. 1-5


Computer security is not limited to technology and systems it also includes the humans and processes that use and depend on it. Even with strong computer security policies, humans are the weakest link in information security, even if people are aware of the policies, they may not act accordingly, leading to error. This paper presents studies that illustrate how human factors affect the cybersecurity, and explains the demographic features, such as gender, age, personality, and cultural background that are key determinants of an individual's attitude and behavior toward cybersecurity. Based on this review the paper discusses the concept of ""insider threat"" and how its potential impact on cybersecurity policies. its then proposes recommended solutions to handle insider threats and provides cybersecurity awareness and explains the importance of ensuring training and intervention programs on cybersecurity.


cybersecurity awareness, human behavior, insider threat, policy.