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Artificial Intelligence Applications in Cybersecurity


Azzah Kabbas, Atheer Alharthi, and Asmaa Munshi


Vol. 20  No. 2  pp. 120-124


Input here the part of summary. With the development of and the rapid changes in technology, threats related to cybersecurity can increase. And With the focus on the digital transformation of institutions, it became necessary to pay attention to cybersecurity issues and ways to enhance and develop them. The literature has highlighted that the traditional computer algorithms for cybersecurity may sometimes stand helpless in front of the creative and developmental capabilities of hackers and saboteurs, which requires the use of artificial intelligence techniques to enhance cyber security. Therefore, this research paper aimed to shed light on the concept of artificial intelligence and its fields, and how it can benefit from applications of artificial intelligence to enhance and improve cyber security. Using an analytical descriptive methodology of previous literature on the topic, the importance of the need to employ artificial intelligence techniques to enhance cybersecurity was highlighted and the most important fields of application of artificial intelligence that enhance cybersecurity such as (especially machine learning, data mining, deep learning and expert systems).


Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data mining, threats.