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Drift Analysis based Complexity: REST & BLUK API based Data Accessing System Model


Naeem Hassan Shahzad Latif Muhammad Usama Muhammad Armaghan Shazia Saqib Tahir Alyas Muhammad Adnan Khan


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 229-234


As with every passing day, digital data storage is increasing due to the cheap and safe facilities. The time to access data to perform operations on that data is going more complex. As the billions of users are communicating with the internet that's why data transfer rate and security factors are the main challenge of technologists. There are two types of techniques which are dealing with the data processing: batching big data and streeaming processing. in this article, two data accessing methods named as Rest Application Program Interface and Bulk Application Program Interface are considered. We implement these two techniques in the real time scenario by taking an example of a Pvt. Limited organization. Which has its main server that is accessed by their client. the organization implemented these two data accessing algorithms in different time. Simulation results shown that Bulk API based data accessing approach gives lesser time as compared to Rest API based approach.