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University Information with LMS Facilities for Pupils and Lecturers in a PinBoard Android Mobile Application


Batool Abbas Adeena Azhar Ali Muhammad Adnan Khan Shazia Saqib Shahid Naseem


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 204-211


The Learning Management System (LMS) has been already facilitating the pupils and lecturer in the world widely without a physical classroom. It is used to take lecture notes and many other course-related information from the online portal. Since LMS has been available in web-based software but now also available in an android mobile application with enhancing features of university details. The popularity of LMS in global universities shows a positive factor in previous studies. Therefore, this paper will provide, a different view of LMS and university information in an android mobile application. Drift analysis is used for complexity analysis.


LMS, android mobile application and university information.