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The Implication of Mobile Phone Charging Stations: A Perspective of Consumer Experience


Abdulmohsin Suliman Alkhunaizan


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 132-138


Smartphone and mobile phone usage is gradually increasing in Saudi Arabia. This is happened because of the viability, availability and affordability of the modern technological gadgets and smartphones. In spite of its usefulness and ostentatious characteristics it has some limitations in its usage extensively and for a longer period of time. The thing limits its utility of any mobile phone is the battery. The purpose of the study was to investigate the consumers’ usage of mobile phone charging stations and the time and money they spent during the mobile phone charging. A total number of 860 consumers and three distant shopping malls were included for the data gather and analysis of the data. The findings of the study exhibited that in the due course of waiting, the mobile charging stations provide more consumers for the whole retailers and the consumer can stay longer at the store and when they stay longer, ultimately they will spend more and they will be able to connect and stay in touch with the store.


Mobile phones Mobile Phone Charging Stations Consumers: Shopping Malls