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Increased Security on Software Defined Network SDN to mitigate attack in Fog Environment Based on Using Artificial Intelligence


Asmaa M. Munshi1 Afaf D. Althobiti Rabab M. Al Mohayawi


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 102-105


Fog computing is a decentralized cloud infrastructure provides an accurate solution to the trouble of data processing. The most important security requirement of fog technology is service and data availability. One of the most devastating cyber-attack is the Distributed Denial of Service attacks which are the most common and dangerous cyber-attacks, this type of security attack affecting the information integrity and service availability. This paper propose and focus on the development of fog cloud by conducting a contribution study on two different security mechanisms that is SDN with ANNs network algorithm as anomaly-based IDS via merged with a signature-based IDS detection to provide the maximum-security requirements and provide the required machine learning that well supports the fog to define and detect all upcoming and new issue cybersecurity. Moreover, provides the systems with the ability of automatic learning and improves the data and information experience process without being programmed.


Fog, DDoS attack, Software defined network SDN, Artifice neural Network ANN, IDS