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Inter-Dependability of Computer and Mathematics in Modern Age


Amit Kumar, Aklesh Kumar, Dr. Sunil Kumar Sah


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 58-64


Computer science is a modern science but mathematics is an ancient art, while we are discussing its dependability to each other both may find many new paths to solve many problems of each other. Unfortunately, in the learning of Mathematics and Computer Science, they appear often as disconnected areas, when they are indeed two necessary and complementary branches of the same tree. Either of them alone produces only ethereal structures, or routines and ad-hoc programs. For this reason, it would be preferable to study, progressively, from the lower educational levels, both disciplines as naturally linked. So, it will be overrated the pure mechanistic of only give informatics to usury level, as mere blind instructions, either too abstract pure mathematical constructs. Foundation and origin of computer science is a mathematical application, we can see it in algorithm, Boolean algebra, formal language, database, data mining, machine learning and many more. It is a well known fact but computer science helps mathematics in many ways like solving definite Integration, finding roots of linear and solution of nonlinear equation, participation in statistics and probability, matrices problem and solution and many more. We can find its journey from classical Greece to 17th century and then all application of their combined journey. Computers & Mathematics with Applications provides a medium of exchange for those engaged in fields where there exists a non-trivial interplay between mathematics and computers. Thus, the three present principal areas of interest of the modern system of academic world


Mathematics development, computer and Mathematics, Numerical analysis, simulation, cryptography, Big Data.