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A Comprehensive Analysis Concerning Usage of Mobile Phone in Different Business and Academic Organizations of Baluchistan, Pakistan


Shah Jahan khattak Dr Bakhtair Khan


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 31-36


Currently, in Baluchistan, Pakistan, the creating usage of new developments in mobile phone has essentially affected the productivity of people. The Baluchistan's people are to a great extent associated with utilizing new applications and social sites on cell phones. The utilization of mobile phones, in one way, has thrown constructive effects on the Baluchistan people helping them move toward becoming substantially more educated, fast source of communication, entertaining from different entertainment application and website, and socially involved in politics. While, the negative way is the disruption from work place at different locations such as business organization, schools, university, and agriculture. In this paper, we investigate the above mobile phones application impacts which are either positive or negative, on the people of Baluchistan, Pakistan. For this purpose, we performed a surveyed to collect data from 100 people in different organizations like Farmers of Baluchistan, Pakistan, Employee of Baluchistan, Students of Baluchistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) Quetta, and Business communities of the Baluchistan. It is inspected from our investigated survey most of the people in Baluchistan use the mobile phone only for communication which is a positive thing. Also, some of the people use mobile phones in workplaces which affect the quality of work. Moreover, the students of BUITEMS consider the mobile phone video during work is malicious and put negative impact. Finally, we conclude from our investigatory study, our paper is best suitable for those people, which make policies keeping in view the mobile phone, for different organizations.


Usage of mobile phone, impact on Academic, Impact on Business, Baluchistan Pakistan