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Study of Employee silence, Organizational Justice and Work Engagement: Mediation Analysis


Zubair A. Pirzada , Sajid H. Mirani, Nazar H.Phulpoto , Humaira Dogar , Shoukat A. Mahar , Zuhaibuddin


Vol. 20  No. 1  pp. 9-14


This study aims to investigate the influence of employee silence (ES) on work engagement (WE). Moreover, Organizational justice (OJ) is observed as mediator between (E) silence and (W)engagement. The contextual frame of this study refers to faculty members of public sector universities in Sindh. Following (Baron & Kenny, 1986) mediating effects of OJ is observed. The outcomes of the study seen as significant and negative relationship between ES and WE. Furthermore, OJ fully mediates the relationship between ES and WE. Study is noteworthy and imperative because it has attempted to explore a rarely explored area in research. Management can use results to decrease employee silence and increase work engagement level in public sector universities specifically and in other public sector organizations generally ensuing in prosperity of employees, public sector and economy.


Employee Silence (ES), Organizational Justice (OJ), Work Engagement (WE)