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SEAA: Secure and Efficient Authenticated Encryption Algorithm for Satellite Application


Abid Murtaza, S. Jahanzeb Hussain Pirzada, Tongge Xu, and Liu Jianwei


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 185-196


Satellite communication is a fundamental part of modern-day communication infrastructure. Hence the information security is also critical in satellite communication. Authenticated Encryption (AE) algorithm provides confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data, all primary data security services with a single algorithm. The AES-GCM algorithm is the most famous and widely used AE algorithm, which is also recommended to be used in satellite application. However, the AES-GCM architecture is not nonce misuse attack resistant. Also, most of the existing AE algorithms (including GCM) are based on block cipher design, which is vulnerable to side-channel attacks due to using the same key for a longer duration. Re-keying is an effective approach to protect the algorithm against side-channel attack. On the other hand, satellites have limited computational capacity, high throughput requirements, and higher latency attributes. Therefore, there is a need for the AE algorithm, which is not only secure against known attacks but also fast and capable of supporting high throughput requirements of satellite communication. In this paper, we have proposed an AE algorithm architecture named SEAA (Secure and Efficient Authenticated encryption Algorithm), in which the re-keying approach is incorporated such that, the SEAA becomes resistant side-channel and nonce misuse attacks at the same time without any additional protection or overhead. Additionally, the proposed algorithm also reduces the computational complexity of the traditional AES-GCM algorithm to increase the efficiency of the proposed AE algorithm. The experimental results of the proposed algorithm in software and hardware (FPGA) show that the computational performance (speed and throughput) of the proposed algorithm are better than the famous AES-GCM, despite being secure against known attack applicable to AES-GCM. Hence, SEAA is a suitable AE algorithm for satellite application.


Authenticated Encryption, Nonce misuse, Side-channel Attack, Algorithm, AES-GCM