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Health Monitoring and Management System by Using Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things (IoT)


Sami AlshmranyArshad Ali


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 179-184


Recent advancement in wireless sensor network (WSNs) and the Internet of Things (IoT) made the life easy especially in the field of monitoring and controlling the events of life. As a result of this advancement in technologies give the concept of providing integrated services almost in all the field but it help lot in the field of health care services. A body sensor network emerged very vital for monitoring and managing health care services by using Internet of Things (IoT) embedded with sensory system in last couple of decades. In this research work the autonomous system of sensors are defined and a framework is proposed to measure various vital signs for monitoring purposes. The proposed system is capable to monitor human body blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, etc. The sensor system communicate the sensed information to the base controller by using IoT where it will be analyzed with patient history and the alert is generated to inform the concerned department. The expert take the decision based on the medical history of the patient and then rescue team will be instructed to rescue the cross ponding patient. In case of the heart patient the information will be very critical as the proposed system is capable to detect condition of the patient well before the heart attack. A detailed analysis and performance of proposed framework for health care is presented in this paper. The presented analysis indicates that the proposed system can be implemented by using the hardware units for the purpose of monitoring and managing the patient who is under supervision of the rescue team.


Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Body Area Network, Medical Super Sensor, photopletysmograph