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Blockchain based Decentralized Electronic Voting System:A Step towards Transparent Elections


Shehzad Latif Tayyaba Anees


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 165-172


Public Elections are the best way to elect the government in democracy. Thus, it is the utmost responsibility of the state to organize non-fraudulent elections. With the advancement in technology we have an opportunity to switch our voting system from ballot paper to an electronic voting system. The Estonian voting system is one of the leading electronic voting systems which is still not perfect & need to improve its security & privacy features. Keeping in focus the privacy & transparency concerns this paper introduces a blockchain based decentralized electronic voting system for elections on large scale. The significant features of the proposed system are data integrity & transparency. Blockchain uses encryption & hashing to ensure the security of each vote. The scalability & verifiability in proposed system make the voting process more secured and reliable.


Blockchain, e-voting, Bio metrics, Distributed Ledger, Authentication, Immutable Ledger\