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Requirements Extraction from User Feedback On The Basis Of Ontology


Wajid Ahmed Channa, Qamar Uddin Khand, Sajid Ahmed Ghanghro


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 157-164


The study is designed to scrutinize mobile app ratings for requirements extraction as well as to check quality of an app through the exploitation of interleaved and independent mobile app rating schema, which comprises of ratings and reviews. However, a developer intends to collect app ratings for gathering its requirements because of throwing a newer version towards its users over an app store, which provides them easiness in all aspects. An ontological strategy is the best way to evaluate the accurate analysis of app ratings by interpreting them in such a proposed interface, which actually enumerates best results by putting a good strength of its schema. Hence, a developer can easily extract requirements with a complete rigorousness, so also it becomes less challenging to satisfy the users. The study goes through the ontological phenomenon throughout the complete scenario of requirements extraction, which a developer can easily put them in practice.


App rating Google Play store NLP Feedback Requirements extraction