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Joy Learning: Smartphone Application For Children With Parkinson Disease


Mujahid Rafiq, Ibrar Hussain, Muhammad Arif, Kinza Sardar, and Ahsan Humayun


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 147-150


Parkinson’s is a Neurologic disorder that not only affects the human body but also their social and personal life. Especially children having the Parkinson's disease come up with infinite difficulties in different areas of life mostly in social interaction, communication, connectedness, and other skills such as thinking, reasoning, learning, remembering. This study gives the solution to learning social skills by using smartphone applications. The children having Parkinson's disease (juvenile) can learn to solve social and common problems by observing real-life situations that cannot be explained properly by instructors. The result shows that the application will enhance their involvement in learning and solving a complex problem.


Juvenile, Parkinson, Usefulness, Effective, Social Skills, children with Parkinson