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Urdu Handwritten Signature Recognition Empowered with PNN


Unsa Tariq, Haroon-Ur-Rashid, Afrozah Nadeem, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Shazia Saqib, Tahir Alyas


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 132-141


Handwriting is human personal information that is used for personal identification. It is a means of communication and saving data. Handwritten information can be used in the computer once it is converted to digital form (machine language). Signatures play the most important role in our lives as of taking admissions in university or any government job, credit card shopping, and bank cheques require your signatures and they take signatures in different situations and conditions as well. Our working will focus on Pakistani National Language Urdu Handwritten Signature Recognition which converts Urdu Handwritten signatures to be stored in E-form. The working done on it is with the help of Pattern Neural Network. The proposed method gave the result of up to 73% and this will help us to save our documents in electronic form.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Urdu Handwritten Signature Recognition (UHWSR), Urdu Signatures, Pattern Neural Network, Digital Image Processing.