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Beyond Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Blockchain in Education


Ahmad H. Al-Omari


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 126-131


Beyond its first and conventional use, blockchain is being implemented across various fields. Blockchain first implementation was Bitcoin in 2009 and after the wide acceptance of Bitcoin technologies from multi-disciplinary are trying to implement blockchain professionally. One of the prominent Blockchain use cases is in the Education sector. In this study, we employed the well-known approach Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for predicting acceptance of Blockchain implementation in education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA. Our main goal is to measure the intended use and acceptance of blockchain in KSA higher education system. The study extends the TAM model and testing its validity as well as applicability in the higher education context to explain and predict students' behavioral intention. We proposed external independent variables and we set some hypotheses to confirm the study results.


Blockchain, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Distributed Ledger, Technology Acceptance, Behavioral Intention, TAM Model, Blockchain in Education.