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MedPal: A Technological Cure for People with Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer’s Disorder.


Amna Cheema, Mujahid Rafiq, Ibrar Hussain Sonia Latif, and Syed Al-E-Ali Naqi


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 119-125


Parkinson, and Alzheimer disease are both neurological diseases caused by loss of neurons and highly affect the brain of people to impairs their ability to remember routine tasks and makes it difficult to perform these tasks, a lot of researchers are working to find the definite cure for these pernicious disorders but haven’t found any potent cure although we can slow down the progression of these diseases by improving the quality of patient’s life by encouraging them to use technology. This study aims at how technology can enhance the way of living without the memory load. These days technology mainly focuses on the young generation and leaving behind seniors of our society. To develop an interest in technology among seniors we are providing an application with a simple and interactive interface that projects their needs. As this disease affects the functions related to the brain that causes mental health issues, it hinders recalling and recollection that leads to Alzheimer’s. In this paper we are presenting MedPal which is a technological solution for AD and PD patients to manage day-to-day tasks to achieve daily objectives, reducing the memory effort required to achieve those goals, improving patient’s brain state by checking memory condition and lessen their stress or feeling of restlessness Furthermore, this paper is presenting the implementation detail of MEDPAL and discusses results taken from both caregiver and patient after observing them for few days shows the importance of this application and how it is affecting the daily routine of patient and caregiver, s enhancing memory and living standards. This motivates us to build a simple and interactive platform to help to reduce the progression of mental disorders in seniors and to encourage them to use technology.


Alzheimer’s Disorder (AD), Parkinson's Disorder (PD), memory check, daily life management, dementia, memory simulation.